PRO-ACT Counseling, Pasadena Texas

PRO-ACT is a group practice of mental health professionals.  Our mission is to use our knowledge and skills to help individuals, families and organizations succeed in all areas of life.

PRO-ACT is a Faith Based Counseling and Training Center.  Everything we do in the practice of our profession is done with a distinctly Christian world view and takes into account the Spiritual as well as the psychological and physical aspects of mental health  and relational issues.


PRO-ACT offers counseling services across the Houston Metropolitan area from offices in Pasadena, Katy, and Baytown, and the Lake Houston Area.   Our counselors have Masters Degrees and are licensed by the state of Texas.  We provide counseling for all ages: children, teenagers, adults and senior adults. We have therapists who specialize in individual as well as marriage and family counseling.


We also offer consultation with businesses and other organizations to help them understand and improve the relationships which so often determine success or failure.


In addition to comprehensive individual and family therapy, we offer educational programs which teach knowledge and skills which help clients better understand themselves and their relationships to others.